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In recent years we developed various resources for experimental research...

  • BAWL-R - Berlin Affective Word List - Reloaded (Võ, Conrad, Kuchinke, Urton, Hofmann & Jacobs):  

The Berlin Affective Word List - Reloaded (BAWL-R) is a German database containing normative ratings for emotional valence, emotional arousal and imageability for more than 2,900 German words. It can be downloaded here: 



  • SentoArt - Sentiment Analyses and other Advanced Computational Text Analyses (Jacobs)

SentiArt offers digital quantitative text analyses for all kinds of verbal materials in different languages with a focus on literary texts and poetry for use in science, art and business. 



  • GLEAN - German list of extrapolated affective norms (Lüdtke & Hugentobler):

GLEAN entails label lists to calculated norms for valence, arousal, imageability and concreteness based on the algorithmus developed by Turney & Littmann (2003) and the computed norms themselfes for more than 900.000 German words.  


  • Shakespeare Corpus (Jacobs, Schuster, Xue & Lüdtke)

The Corpus entails the results of the quantitative narrative analysis of all 154 Shakespeare Sonnets described in Jacobs, A.M., Schuster, S., Xue, S., & Lüdtke, J. (2017)

Shakespeare Corpus


  • SLS-Berlin - Lese-Screening Test  (Lüdtke, Fröhlich, Jacobs & Hutzler)

The SLS-Berlin is the frist German computer-based screening test to measure reading proficiency in early and late adulthood.