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ESD for 2030: Interview Series from the German ESD-Monitoring

Interview Series ESD-Monitoring

Interview Series ESD-Monitoring

News vom 12.05.2021

The German ESD monitoring has been tracking the status and process of ESD-implementation within the German education system since 2015. The results of the repeated systematic document analyses as well as of several qualitative and quantitative studies are frequently documented, summarized and communicated to the interested public, educational practitioners and academic researchers.

Now, in the context of the UNESCO World Conference on ESD,the researchers have synthesized some of their main findings. In an interview series, the team answers questions on the specific characteristics of ESD in different educational sectors, the current state of its implementation in Germany and the implications of their findings those who would like to further strengthen ESD.

You can access the seven interviews here:

-          ESD in Early Childhood Education: Interview with Dr. Mandy Singer-Brodowski

-          ESD in Schools: Interview with Antje Brock

-          ESD in Vocational Education and Training: Interview with Jorrit Holst

-          ESD in Higher Education: Interview with Dr. Mandy Singer-Brodowski

-          Non-Formal Learning and ESD: Interview with Julius Grund

-          Youth and ESD: Interview with Janne von Seggern

-          ESD in Local Communities: Interview with Jorrit Holst




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