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European Journal of Futures Research (EJFR)

Cover EJFR

Cover EJFR

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Gerhard de Haan

Projektkoordination: Sascha Dannenberg 

Laufzeit: seit 2012

Website: http://link.springer.com/journal/40309

Project Description

The European Journal of Futures Research is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen:

  • It publishes original research papers on all aspects of foresight and futures studies;
  • Welcomes (inter-)disciplinary articles on society, politics, economy and science and technology, in particular from European and/or comparative perspectives;
  • Encourages empirical, theoretical and/or methodological contributions;
  • Strengthens networking and community building among scholars engaged in European futures studies.

This journal provides an international platform for leading and upcoming scholarly work on possible, probable and desirable European and global futures. We invite submissions of articles focusing on both interdisciplinary and disciplinary studies on future developments in society, politics, economy and science and technology. The journal publishes empirically oriented articles as well as contributions of a more methodological, epistemological or theoretical nature.

Envisioning a common future, the journal welcomes lively debates on European affairs – viewed against the backdrop of a shared, yet diverse and complicated history. The journal seeks to foster comprehensive analyses of key European policies, such as those for research and education - among others. A central objective of the journal is to strengthen European dimensions of futures studies.

All research articles are subject to double-blind peer review.

The journal is published as an electronic open-access version on SpringerLink (Springer Verlag) and is complemented by a printed annual collected edition.

For further information please contact editor@ejfr.eu.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Ahrend
Technische Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Gerhard de Haan
Institut Futur, Freie Universität Berlin

Erik Øverland
Ministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Norwegen

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Popp
Zentrum für Zukunftsstudien, Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
BAT-Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen, Hamburg


Sascha Dannenberg
Institut Futur, Freie Universität Berlin

Kerstin Bock
Institut Futur, Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Mika Aaltonen
Adjunct Professor, Research Director of StraX (The Research Unit for Strategic Intelligence and Exploration of Futures) at Aalto University, FI

Dr. Toni Ahlqvist
Senior Scientist, Government Institute for Economic Research, Academy of Finland

Prof. Dr. Enric Bas (PhD)
Director FUTURLAB-Laboratory of Creative Futures, University of Alicante, E

Prof. Dr. Daniel Barben
Institut für Technik- und Wissenschaftsforschung, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, A

Dr. Kerstin Cuhls
Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI), Karlsruhe, D and Professor at the Heidelberg University, D 

Dr. Jennifer Cassinga Harper
Malta Council for Science and Technology, MT

Prof. Dr. Per Dannemand Andersen
Department of Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, DK

Prof. Dr. Philippe Destatte
Director Destree Institute; Head European College for regional foresight, Head Millennium Project Europe, B

Dr. Sascha Dickel
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), D

Dr. Peter Egg
Universität Innsbruck und Verein Mitbestimmung, Innsbruck, A

Prof. Dr. Susanne Elsen
Faculty of Education, Libera Università di Bolzano, I

Associate Prof. Dr. Eva Hideg
Futures Studies Centre, Budapest University of Economics Sciences and Public Administration, H

Prof. Dr. Maria Giaoutzi
Professor of Geography and Regional Planning at the National Technical University of Athens, GR

Dr. Jennifer M. Gidley
President, World Futures Studies Federation (UNESCO Partner), AUS

Dr. Susanne Giesecke
Senior Scientist, Foresight and Policy Development Department, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, A

Dr. Heiko von der Gracht
Director Institute for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management IFK, EBS Business School, Wiesbaden, D

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Grienitz
Universität Siegen, D

Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald 
Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB), D

Em. Prof. Dr. Peter Heintel
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, A

Dr. Robin Hickman
University College London, UK

Stefanie Reinert Jenssen
TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo, N

Prof. Dr. Jari Kaivo-oja, Adjunct Professor 
(innovation and foresight research, University of Lapland), Research Director, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, Dr, Adviser (Crisis Management Initiative, President Martti Ahtisaari Office)

Prof. Dr. Jan Erik Karlsen
University of Stavanger, N

Dr. Christos Kassimeris
Associate Professor, European University Cyprus, CY

Dr. Kornelia Konrad
University of Twente, NL

Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich
IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, D

Dr. Riel Miller

Dr. Christian Neuhaus
Berlin, D

Prof. Dr. Dr. Iver B. Neumann
London School of Economics UK, and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, N 

Dr. Phillip van Notten
Fairsights, NL

Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka
IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, D

Alex S. Pang, Ph.D.
Associate Fellow, Said Business School, Oxford University, UK; Peace Innovation Lab, Stanford University, USA

Dr. Ulf Pillkahn
Siemens AG, München, D

Dr. Roberto Poli
Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, I

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ortwin Renn

University of Stuttgart, D

Prof. Dr. Arie Rip
University of Twente, NL

Dr. Bartolomeo Sapio
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Roma, I

Dr. Tim Schwanen
University of Oxford, UK

Sari Söderlund, M.Sc.
Finland Futures Academy (FFA) and Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, FI

Dr. Karlheinz Steinmüller
Scientific Director, Z_punkt GmbH The Foresight Company, Berlin, D

Dr. Barrie Stevens
Director OECD International Futures Programme, F

Prof. Dr. Harro van Lente
Maastricht University, NL

Victor van Rij
University of Amsterdam, NL

Dr. Philine Warnke
Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, Vienna, AT (formerly ISI, Karlsruhe, D)

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