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Research Papers


Becerra Hernández, R.: Action-Research In The Venezuelan Classroom. [pdf]


Bergsten, C., Jablonka, E. & Klisinska, A.: Reproduction And Distribution Of Mathematical Knowledge In Higher Education: Constructing Insiders And Outsiders. [pdf]


Björklund Boistrup, L.: Discourses Of Assessment Actions In Mathematics Classrooms. [pdf]


Braathe, H. J.: Dilemmas Of Streaming In The New Curricula In Norway. [pdf]


Brodie, K., Slonimsky, L. & Shalem, Y.: Called To Account: Criteria In Mathematics Teacher Education. [pdf]


Brown, T.: Experiencing The Space We Share. [pdf]


Camelo, F., Mancera, G., Romero, J., Garcia, G. & Valero, P.: The Importance Of THE Relation Between The Socio-Political Context, Interdisciplinarity And The Learning Of The Mathematics. [pdf]


Chassapis, D.: A Framing Of The World By Mathematics: A Study Of Word Problems In Greek Primary School Mathematics Textbooks. [pdf]


Chronaki, A. & Matos, A.: Desiring/Resisting Identity Change Politics: Mathematics, Technology And Teacher Narratives. [pdf]


DeFreitas, E. & Zolkower, B.: Discursive Authority In The Mathematics Classroom; Developing Teacher Capacity To Analyze Interactions In Terms Of Modality And Modulation. [pdf]


Francois, K. & Van Bendegem, J. P.: Philosophy Of Mathematics In The Mathematics Curriculum. Questions And Problems Raised By A Case Study Of Secondary Education in Flanders. [pdf]


Frankenstein, M.: Developing A Criticalmathematical Numeracy Through Real Real-Life Word Problems. [pdf]


Frith, V., Le Roux, K., Lloyd, P., Jaftha, J., Mhakure, D. & Rughubar-Reddy, S.: Tensions Between Context And Content In A Quantitative Literacy Course At University. [pdf]


Gutstein, E.: Our Issues, Our People: Mathematics As Our Weapon. [pdf]


Jablonka, E., Johanson, M. & Rohdin, M: Studying The Effects Of A Hybrid Curriculum And Apparent Weak Framing: Glimpses From An Ongoing Investigation Of Two Swedish Classrooms. [pdf]


Johansson, M.: Pedagogic Identities In The Reform Of School Mathematics. [pdf]


Kanes, C., Morgan, C. & Tsatsaroni: Analysing Pisa's Regime Of Rationality. [pdf]


Knijnik, G. & Wanderer, F.: Mathematics Education, Differential Inclusion And The Brazilian Landless Movement. [pdf]


Kotarinou, P., Chronaki, A. & Stathopoulou, C.: Debating For 'One Measure For The World': Sensitive Pendulum Or Heavy Earth? [pdf]


Lawler, B. R.: Fabrication Of Knowledge: A Framework For Mathematical Education For Social Justice. [pdf]


Le Roux, K.: "I Was Thinking The Wrong Thing" / "I Was Looking In A Particular Way": In Search of Analytic Tools For Studying Mathematical Action From A Socio-Political Perspective. [pdf]


Llewellyn, A.: Questioning Understanding?! [pdf]


Meaney, T. & Lange, T.: Structured Or Structuring: Setting Up A Professional Development Project. [pdf]


Moya Romero, A.: Mathematics Assessment And Teacher Training: A Perspective Of Change in Venezuela. [pdf]


Mutemba, B.: Innovation Or Not? Consistency In The Curriculum Prescription In The New Curriculum In Mozambique. [pdf]


Ní Ríordáin, M.: Where Did It All Go Right? The Socio-Political Development Of Gaeilge As Medium For Learning Mathematics In Ireland. [pdf]


Pais, A., Stentoft, D. & Valero, P.: From Questions Of How To Questions Of Why In Mathematics Education Research. [pdf]


Pais, A., Fernandes, E., Matos, J. F. & Alves, A. S.: Methodology In Critical Mathematics Education: A Case Analysis. [pdf]


Rojas Olaya, A.: Simón Rodríguez And The Critical Didactics Of Mathematics. [pdf]


Sinclair, N. & Pimm, D.: Mathematics, Democracy And The Aesthetic. [pdf]


Smith, C.: 'Sometimes I Think Wow I'm Doing Further Maths...': Tensions Between Aspiring And Belonging. [pdf]


Straehler-Pohl, H.: Recognizing What The Talk Is About: Discussing Realistic Problems As A Means Of Stratification Of Performance. [pdf]


Tiedemann, K. & Brandt, B.: Parents' Support In Mathematical Discourses. [pdf]


Wagner, D.: The Seductive Queen - Mathematics Textbook Protagonist. [pdf]


Wedege, T.: Sociomathematics: A Subject Field And A Research Field. [pdf]


Winbourne, P.: Experiencing A Change To Ability Grouping In Mathematics. [pdf]


Zacharos, K. & Koustourakis, G.: A Comparative Approach To The Teaching Of Mathematics At The Time When Pupils Begin Attending Greek Primary School: The Case Of The Educational Material Of The 1982 and 2003 Mathematical Curricula. [pdf]


Zolkower, B. & DeFreitas, E.: What's In The Text: Engaging Mathematics Teachers In The Study Of Whole-Class Conversations. [pdf]